By EW Staff
Updated July 30, 2020 at 10:24 AM EDT

More candid quotes from Megan Fox, including thoughts on libido, Olivia Wilde, her upcoming projects, and comic books. Oh, Megan!

Michael Ausiello has a True Blood exclusive: Lafayette speaks! Spoilers abound, so here be dragons if you haven’t seen last night’s season premiere.

Run to the airport! Let’s have a montage! That lady works too much! Oh, brother: 24 rom com cliches we’d retire.

Jim Halpert. Coach Taylor. Liz Lemon. Readers weigh in on TV characters they want to date. Really, folks? George Michael Bluth?

More from Bonnaroo: Bruce Springsteen teamed up with Phish for a few tunes.

The Hangover held on to its numero uno spot at the box office.

Ken Tucker has some advice for David Letterman: “Clam up.”

Finally, goodbye forever, Pushing Daisies. We will miss you.