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As if my excitement for this fall’s Where the Wild Things Are couldn’t get any higher, Amazon.com has gone and unveiled the pre-order page for Dave Egger’s tie-in novel, The Wild Things. The book, which releases Oct. 1, is “loosely based” on Maurice Sendak’s classic children’s book and Egger’s own screenplay co-written with director Spike Jonze. The best part? The Wild Things will supposedly clock in at a massive 300 pages. (That must be where the “loosely” part comes in.) The souped-up novel looks like it will be kid-friendly but likely cater toward adults as well, given the man behind it.

While some might worry about tampering with a beloved childhood favorite, everything I have seen so far from this project has been spot-on in capturing the tone and imagination of Sendak’s book. And judging by its hilarious poster, fantastic trailer, funny viral videos, and Spike Jonze’s random-musings blog, it looks like Warner Bros. is convinced the film is something special. I, too, think it has all the makings of a big hit. Unless, of course, the wild things prove to be too scary for youngsters. (They are a little freaky, huh?)

Is anyone else uber-excited about anything and everything to do with Where the Wild Things Are? Will you also be pre-ordering Dave Eggers’ book? After his astonishing Sudanese refugee story What is the What, that man has earned my undying devotion.