By Clark Collis
June 15, 2009 at 09:14 PM EDT

Few people who saw Bruce Springsteen perform with Phish yesterday at Bonnaroo (and were still even remotely compos mentis) are ever likely to forget it. Whitney Pastorek’s blogging of the event got us to thinking about our own best ever festival experiences. My favorite show was probably an outdoor greatest hit set  Neil Young performed with Booker T. and the MG’s. I seem to recall actually starting to weep by the time they got round to performing “Powderfinger.” But my favorite actual moment occurred at the UK’s Glastonbury Festival in the mid ’80s when it was still very much a total hippiefest. Reggae legends Black Uhuru were due to play on the main stage at 3pm. But 3pm came and went with no sign of the Sly and Robbie-led dubmeisters. As did 3:15. And 3:30. Eventually someone who looked vaguely in charge (ie they were wearing clothes) wandered onstage to announce, “If anyone sees any member of Black Uhuru could they please direct them towards the stage!” I think they did play in the end. But by that point  I had become distracted by something else. Juggling, probably.

Anyway, what is your favorite festival memory? And is it better than the video below of one guy kicking off an impromptu dance party at the recent Sasquatch?

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addCredit(“Douglas Mason/Getty Images”)