By Adam Markovitz
Updated June 13, 2009 at 07:41 PM EDT

The Britain’s Got Talent tour kicked off last night in Birmingham (that’s England, not Alabama). And of course, the show’s star attraction was Susan Boyle, who belted out her signature tune, I Dreamed a Dream, to rapturous applause.

Despite reports about her shaky nerves, Boyle looks pretty happy on stage. Dressed in a shiny silvery sheath, the Scottish sensation seems much more animated than she ever did on TV — she’s working the diva-style hand flourishes and the dramatic glares. And the audience can’t seem to get enough, bursting into cheers for every high note.

So the big question is: If the tour is a huge hit in the UK (where it’s already sold out three of its dates), will it ever come to the US? There’s no word on a stateside extension yet, but it seems like Simon Cowell would be a fool not to cash in on America’s Boylemania while it’s hot.

So how about it, PopWatchers: If the BGT tour does hop the pond, will you buy tickets to catch Boyle in the flesh? Or do you prefer your SuBo in YouTube-size bites?

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