By Christina Amoroso
June 12, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT
Thought the New Kids on the Block faded back into obscurity? Think again. Word on the block is that the band just filed a federal lawsuit against SM Productions, a company that allegedly attempted, waaay back in 2005, “to form a new group also entitled ‘New Kids on the Block.'” The suit also alleges the company attempted to register the band’s name and album art. For shame!

But then that got us thinking. What if the stars aligned to form the NKOTB — but better, and with musicians from yesteryear? David Yi and I racked our brains for some of our favorite musicians who we’d love to see make a comeback — in a boy band.

Mark McGrath as Joey McIntyre 
Chris Kirkpatrick as Danny Wood
D’Angelo as Donnie Wahlberg
Nick and Aaron Carter as Jonathan and Jordan Knight

What do you think, Music Mixers? Who would you want to see in the new NKOTB?

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