By Margaret Lyons
Updated June 12, 2009 at 08:37 PM EDT

John Mayer: Singer songwriter. Serial dater. And now: holiday originator. Behold the awesome powers of having over a million followers on Twitter.

On Wednesday night, Mayer apparently made up the word “pedamundo,” which his followers told him meant “drunken party world.” Mayer likie! From there on out, it was one tweet after the next: “When the lyrics to Sweet Child O’ Mine describe your life story, that is Pedamundo,” “You know that buzz you have 2.5 drinks in where everything in the world feels achievable? That is Pedamundo,” “Pedamundo is coming… The official kickoff to Summer partying. For the people, by the people, in the people.” And so on.

His followers responded in kind, offering “Here in Canada we’re celebrating Pedamundo in our usual way-being extremely polite, murdering seals and listening to Rush!” “I’m raising my flag to double-mast in honour of Pedomundo,” “If you could listen to every Beach Boys song instantaneously, it still would lack the feel good summer spirit of Pedamundo,” etc etc partying etc.

Normally I’d find this kind of thing annoying, but…I am so on board with the start of summer party season! Monkey butler, bring me a daiquiri!

How are you getting in the summer spirit, PopWatchers? Can “pedamundo” bust up the June Gloom?