By Kerrie Mitchell
Updated June 12, 2009 at 09:56 PM EDT

Really? I’m not sure why I’m surprised exactly, but ratings agency Eurodata TV Worldwide announced that Fox’s medical drama House was the most-watched show in the whole wide world last year, with more than 81.8 million viewers in 66 countries. Those numbers smoked previous years’ winners CSI and CSI: Miami. It makes sense to me that the CSI dramas would triumph — the flashy, yet straightforward whodunits don’t need all that much translating. (And David Caruso’s sunglassed scowl is an international language in and of itself.) But I would’ve guessed Hugh Laurie’s caustic caregiver would be a tougher case. What do you think: Does House‘s win surprise you? Or does it make sense that he’s a doctor without borders?

addCredit(“Michael Yarish/Fox “)