By Jeff Jensen
June 12, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin continues to blast away at David Letterman for jokes he made earlier this week about her teenage daughter, but the talk show host won’t be firing back during tonight’s new installment of The Late Show. Why? Because he already filmed the show before this controversy even erupted. A CBS spokesperson tells EW that Letterman pre-tapes his Friday shows on Mondays, and this week is no exception. Letterman will be shooting all new shows next week, so perhaps he’ll have something to say on Monday. Gov. Palin—outraged over a crack about her daughter being impregnated by New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez—continued venting today during appearances on NBC’s The Today Show and The Situation Room on CNN. When NBC’s Matt Lauer asked the former Republican vice presidential hopeful if she’d accept an apology from Letterman, Palin responded by saying she’d rather have him apologize to young people for promoting the idea that it’s “okay or funny talk about statutory rape.” (Earlier this week, Letterman conceded his humor was in bad taste, but adamantly disagreed with Palin’s assessment that he was making light of rape or adolescent sexual activity, insisting the joke was not about 14-year-old daughter Willow, as Palin has claimed, but 18-year-old Bristol.)

CBS has no official response to Palin, but a source inside the network forwarded EW this article from last fall, cataloging various jokes many other late-night hosts made at the expense of Palin’s daughter during the course of presidential campaign. (The implication: Letterman’s joshing is nothing new—and Palin’s anti-Letterman press blitz feels oddly behind-the times.) For her part, Palin is getting new support from a fellow Republican: New York State Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb today demanded that CBS fire Letterman for his comments, reports Fox News.