We’ve expressed our love for Danny DeVito before, and we’re pretty sure fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia believe him when he says that he was just acting drunk to make this recent 8:17 a.m. interview on a Philly Fox affiliate interesting. DeVito, along with Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day, took a break from filming a scene (in which DeVito’s Frank is having a beer) to talk to reporter Jenn Frederick live. I think DeVito knew he could have a good time with Frederick and wanted to see if he could throw her…by asking how the baby she’d birthed since they last spoke looked when it came out and if the short dress she was wearing now allowed for “easy access.” Inappropriate but hilarious — just like Sunny. And Danny’s right: That’s much more fun than Frederick trying to regain control of the interview by talking Eagles football with McElhenney. (Though it was entertaining to watch the in-studio anchors try to throw real questions to Frederick to no avail.) Also, DeVito came clean when Limoncello fueled his most memorable interview on The View. Unless he comes out with a microbrew now, I say he’s a man of his word.