By Christina Amoroso
June 12, 2009 at 06:25 PM EDT

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon keeps getting better and better. Earlier this week, viewers were treated to an appearance by Raising the Bar‘s Mark-Paul Gosselaar in full Zack Morris character. Then, last night, Golden Girl Betty White stopped by to promote her new flick The Proposal…and to play a little beer pong. Fallon finally broke his 0-3 losing streak (he’s recently lost to heavyweights like Serena Williams and Ivanka Trump), but the 87-year-old White proved a good sport. No pity!

And while some beer pong aficionados argue that you’re supposed to bounce the ball on your side of the table first, chances are your grandma isn’t this hip. Anyone else feel like Fallon is headed in the right direction?