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June 11, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

HawthoRNe: Chuck’s older sis, Sarah Lancaster, is set to moonlight on TNT’s new nurse drama, HawthoRNe, as the girlfriend of a patient (My Boys‘ Reid Scott) who’s horribly injured in a motorcycle accident. Described as a woman who’s never had to face adversity, she finds herself struggling with her newfound fate. So in the name of love (or craziness, you choose) her BF opts to undergo a high-risk surgery that could potentially kill him. Drama!

Psych: James Brolin (a.k.a. Mr. Barbra Streisand) has signed on to appear in a season 4 episode entitled, “High Noon-ish.” He’ll play Hank, a sheriff in Old Sanora, a city which has recently found itself the victim of vandalism. Lassiter (Timothy Omundson) spent a lot of time there growing up and sees Hank as something of a father figure. Psych‘s fourth season kicks off Aug. 7. 

Read on for scoops on Melrose Place, Kings, and more!

Crash: Eric Roberts is joining the Starz drama as a series regular. He’s set to play Seth, a billionaire entrepreneur who plans to give L.A. the one thing keeping it from becoming a real city: a professional football team. Crash‘s second season premieres Sept. 18.

Melrose Place: The CW’s upcoming reboot is currently casting the role of Caleb, an extremely masculine gay publicist who works with Katie Cassidy’s Ella. Sources confirm to me exclusively that producers are checking my availability.

Kings: NBC will burn off the seven remaining episodes of its under-appreciated (and now canceled) drama beginning this Saturday and continuing through to its series finale on July 25. I’m told all of the show’s major storylines will be wrapped up by the end. (Additional reporting by David Yi)

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