By Whitney Pastorek
Updated June 11, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Greetings from central Tennessee, Mixers, where I arrived this afternoon to begin the annual spiritual journey that is Bonnaroo. When I drove into town, it was pouring down rain, and weather advisories were warning of severe thunderstorms. As of ten minutes ago, when I left the Tractor Supply Co. with my new rain boots (pictured) and a $5 gimme cap, the skies could not be more blue. Had I not bought those rain boots, however, I’m quite certain I would have needed to row my way to the Janelle Monae set that starts at 5:45. I have saved Bonnaroo! Thank me later.

Anyway. Hi! I’m here! I’m psyched to see Springsteen, and the Beasties, and Elvis Costello, and the return of prodigal sons Phish, and two people are currently having very loud sex in the hotel room next to mine. Check out the schedule, bust out the bong, and tell me how I should spend my next four days. Into the breach!