By Adam Markovitz
Updated June 11, 2009 at 08:16 PM EDT

According to the all-seeing eye of Google, the Internet is abuzz (oratwitter, or whatever the kids are doing these days) about the factthat Transformers babe Megan Fox appears to have a slightlyshorter-than-average thumb. And by “slightly,” we mean “totallyunnoticeable until you zoom to 600 percent, but hey, isn’t that what computersare for?” Anyway, the haters (“Megan Fox is a freak!”) and thedefenders (“Nobody is actually perfect”) have already startedattacking each other over whether or not this bumps Her Foxiness downto a 9.999, but we think the real question has a lot more to do withthe perils of being a sex symbol in the digital age.

Gone are the dayswhen a pretty face and a nice figure did the trick. Now you have tosubmit to a full-body inspection, with millions of eyes scanning everyinch for freckles and stray hairs. Not only that, but you’re expectedto be on your game 24/7; no fair trying to get the mail or walk to thegym looking like a normal person. The world will see, and they won’t bepolite about it. As for Ms. Fox’s digits, we’re pretty sure this isn’tgoing to put much of a dent in her fanbase (something tells us theireyes spend a lot more time on other parts of her anatomy). But the factthat this is even out there is a little disturbing, isn’t it?

What do you think, PopWatchers? Has our idea of perfection gotten outof hand? Or do sex symbols like Fox invite the scrutiny by playing uptheir physical attributes?

addCredit(“Fox: Han Myung-Gu/; Inset: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos”)