June 11, 2009 at 11:53 PM EDT

Emporio Armani has unveiled its new fall/winter underwear campaign starring David Beckham. I don’t believe I’m typing this: I’m not impressed. The body is beautiful, obviously. But the use of the rope, particularly in the image on the left, feels a little too Top Model to me. And that hair, particularly in the profile view on the right…I know I’m overly sensitive to bad hair on men — again, it’s why I’ve missed so many recent Nicolas Cage and Tom Hanks movies — but come on now. To quote my friend Eva: “How are you looking at his head??? “Looks a little too…Adolf.” “Damn you for making me look at his head! You’re determined to ruin it for me.”

I don’t know what I’ve been looking at that has numbed me to the charms of David Beckham — perhaps if that head-on photo would have featured white briefs it would have “popped” for me — but it’s official: I am over him. Crazy talk or are you also underwhelmed? Let the Great Underwear Ad Debate of June 11, 2009 begin and vote in the poll below.

P.S. Also up for debate: Mike Bruno says it looks like a “plastic hair thingy” that is upsetting me, not Beckham’s actual hair. I cannot bring myself to call his publicist and ask for a definitive answer to that question. What do you think? Hair, right? Bad, bad hair.


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