By Leah Greenblatt
Updated June 11, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we leave a big ole electronic trail of evidence showing that we are kind of a huge pain in the ass.

While Carrie Prejean continues to claim she was fired from her position as Miss California USA due to her outspoken politics and position on same-sex marriage, a series of email exchanges published by Fox News (fair and balanced!) allegedly show an increasingly hostile Prejean corresponding with Miss California director Keith Lewis, and giving credence to pageant officials’ claims that she was disrespectful and uncooperative.

Wrote Prejean to Lewis: “I expect you to be forwarding me ALL email requests and interview requests to me. I know how you are and it’s not right if you are selecting things for me. Thanks for your cooperation. And fyi I am a presenter of medals at the special olympics in a few weeks for the summer games. So now u know I am doing this and I expect your full support. Also I was asked to fill in for a dj on a local radio show.. Ill be reading from a show biz script monday. I am doing this.”

When Lewis reiterates politely that she needs to go through proper protoctol and provide details so that events can be placed on a master calendar, Prejean responded: “You do not cooperate with me, and you pick and chose the things YOU want me to do. That is not happening anymore. Stop speaking for me. I have MY own voice. What are u gonna do fire me for volunteering for the special olympics hahaha ur crazy No I am doing this appearance. You do not need details. Its for the SPECIAL OLYMPICS!!! You just need to know I will be doing it alright.”

Honestly, she sounds like pretty much any 22-year-old (or perhaps tween) chafing at the rules and requirements of big, bossy grown-ups. But memo to Carrie: You’re a pageant queen. Under Donald Trump. Not Che Guevara in a bikini, attempting to overthrow a hostile government through sheer force of will and some great separates from Bebe.

Maybe I’m being too hard on her, Popwatchers, but doesn’t it seem that Prejean should have been more aware of the job requirements before accepting the crown? Or will the new spokeswoman for opposite employment not be down for long? Maybe getting fired — and its attendant publicity blitz — is what she hoped for all along?

addCredit(“Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images”)