By Dave Karger
Updated December 20, 2019 at 01:30 AM EST

Add Lynda Carter to the list of stars from my childhood now releasing jazz-vocal albums. Last month my colleague Leah Greenblatt told you about Molly Ringwald’s appearance on pianist/composer Peter Smith’s CD, Here It Comes. And this week, Wonder Woman herself drops a new record called At Last.

This isn’t a new endeavor for Carter; she’s been performing at cabaret clubs for years. And while her voice lacks the smoky quality of a Diana Krall, she’s got a smooth tone and pussycat delivery that’s very well-suited to standards like “You Send Me” or “Come Rain or Come Shine.”

You can check out her take on “The Way You Look Tonight” on her “Lynda Carter Sings” website. Will At Last be your new cocktail-party background music soundtrack? Or do you prefer Carter in her Wonder bustier and patriotic power-panties?

Look! Even back then, she had the music in her:

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