By Jean Bentley
June 10, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Attention, live music fans: the most mind-blowingly self-indulgent tour ever is about to hit a stadium near you. Kanye announced today (on The View, no less!) that he and Lady Gaga will team up for a co-headlining tour later this year.

While I’m trying to decide whether this will be the most amazing spectacle ever or the most cringe-worthy display of ego to hit the stage since Mr. G. The Musical, I’ve got to give props to give whoever convinced the two most openly self-obsessed musicians in pop music to share the stage for an entire show.

No word yet on what the stage collaboration will entail, but maybe we’ll see Gaga sport some shutter shades (or is that so 2007?) or ‘Ye rock the leotard-with-shoulder pad look (so early ’09?). West has already semi-collaborated with Gaga, using an acoustic version of ”Pokerface” on Kid Cudi’s NSFW-ish ”I Make Her Say.”

Based on that song alone, I’d say the musical aspect of the show will be the hotness. I admire the two stars for consistently trying to outdo themselves, and with Gaga’s Warholian aspirations and West’s sometimes-NSFW envelope-pushing, the show will surely be visually stunning, too.

What’s your verdict on the Kanye/Gaga pairing? Innovative extravaganza, megalomaniacal curiosity, or little of both?

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