In an MSNBC interview today, Contessa Brewer ferociously batted cat toys around via satellite with radio host John Ziegler, whose on-camera presence is strongly reminiscent of SNL-era Norm MacDonald. Ziegler had interviewed Gov. Sarah Palin in response to a recent Late Show with David Letterman Top Ten List that mocked her typical “slutty flight attendant” attire. (Palin called Letterman “pathetic”; you can listen to the Ziegler/Palin radio chat here.) Right off the bat, Ziegler thanked Brewer for having him on “Barack Obama’s Official Network.” Zing! “Do you even want to do the interview?” Brewer wondered. Oh, he sure did. Watch the sparks fly in this very special episode of Adventures in Talking Over Each Other. Cut the mic, please! Someone. Anyone.