By Simon Vozick-Levinson
Updated December 20, 2019 at 01:17 AM EST

Has Chris Brown just released his first new music since he allegedly battered then-girlfriend Rihanna in February? That would be a big deal — if it were true. But “Don’t Be Scared,” which has been making the rounds online this week, is not a new Chris Brown song, folks. It’s a song by Brooklyn rapper Maino, with a short, repetitive hook that appears to be sung by Brown. A rep for Maino tells me that the hook is actually a sample taken from Brown’s appearance on David Banner’s 2008 single “Get Like Me”, not a newly recorded vocal. (You can hear the original lines at around 2:16 in the “Get Like Me” video.) What’s more, Maino’s rep adds that this is “an old record” that isn’t even slated to appear on the rapper’s upcoming debut album, If Tomorrow Comes… So there’s really nothing “new” or newsworthy about Chris Brown’s contribution to this tune.

Check out “Don’t Be Scared” below if you like — it’s not a bad song. But it’s not Chris Brown’s public reappearance, either. Not even close.

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