Let’s all raise our glasses for a new season of Top Chef! (If you don’t happen to have a container full of liquid in front of you, raising your eyeglasses works, too.) The culinary reality show’s latest incarnation premieres tonight on Bravo, and even though it’s a spin-off season (dubbed Masters) with real-life top chefs competing for their favorite charities, I’ll take that over pretty much everything else on TV right now.

The best part of tonight’s premiere is that it totally snuck up on me. It doesn’t feel that long ago Hosea was mackin’ on Leah but somehow still managed to knock off Stefan and walk away with the TC title. (Actually, it wasn’t. Top Chef: New York ended in February.) Speaking of last season, check out Kate Ward’s interview with Fabio, Carla, and Jeff to get an update on their post-reality TV lives. Topping Fabio’s hysterical broken English, Carla’s kooky life philosophies and Jeff’s, well, hair will be a tall order, but here’s hoping this new season can provide some personalities as colorful as those.

Your turn, PopWatchers: Top Chef: Masters tops our Must List this week. What’s on yours? Kindly list your top three picks for this week in the comments below, and include your e-mail address in case we pick one of your submissions to use in the magazine.