American Idol has seen flamboyance, pre-Adam Lambert. Remember season 7’s polarizing Danny Noriega? Well, he’s back. He was the guy who famously responded with a sassy “ish” to Simon Cowell’s question of, “So you agree with me?” “Ish” — representing “sort of” or “maybe” — quickly became his catchphrase. He was also BFF with contestant Ramiele Malubay and botched “Jailhouse Rock” and “Tainted Love” during the semi-finals round. Remember him yet? He swung his ample head of hair around a lot, too.

Anyway, he just released a equal-parts hilarious and tragic single called “24/7,” as well as an accompanying video, and it’s definitely flamboyant. The whole crazy production sounds and looks like he made it himself, although the video credits the thing to Diamond Cuts Productionz (yes, Productionz!). And there’s some lady named Diamonique rapping part way through the song. Noriega actually starts off the song by summing up the whole situation rather well: “This is gonna be…” he intones, amid synthesizers and with a glowing purple body outline, “T…M…T…H!” Too much to handle, certainly. In the worst way.

I won’t hold you in suspense anymore. Enjoy/laugh at the video here:

What’s your favorite aspect of this trainwreck? Noriega’s insistence that he’s “no American Idol”? All the weird, dated usage of acronyms (FYI, LMAO, TMTH, etc.)? His gratuitous use of “bitch” repeatedly? The rap by the illustrious Diamonique? Sound off!

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