By Annie Barrett
Updated December 20, 2019 at 01:25 AM EST

We know one person who must be happy that David Letterman is nearing a deal with CBS to extend The Late Show through the 2011-12 season: Howard Stern. On last night’s Late Show, the Sirius Radio star respectfully thanked Letterman for putting him on the map in the first place, but then totally ripped on Jay Leno in a rather uncomfortable (especially if you were Dave) segment. After an unsuccessful first attempt at bringing up the current late-night Conan vs. Letterman war, Stern piped up again (at about 4:20 in the video below) to let everyone know just how much he can’t stand Leno. “I’ve never seen anybody who behaves like a robot like this guy,” said Stern, critiquing the way Leno appeared to be reading from a teleprompter during his final Tonight Show. “Where’s the emotion? Where’s the humanity?” [Gestures to Dave] “Here’s the host we wanna watch!” Then he did a little dance. What a fun, sexy time for all of us!

What do you think of Stern’s outburst — too much? Just right?