Lady Gaga, music’s pop princess of the moment, better watch her back: Christina Aguilera has assembled an army of grrl power for her forthcoming fourth studio album, due later this fall.

Aguilera announced earlier this year she’d be hooking up with electro acts Goldfrapp and Ladytron, on top of her go-to producer Linda Perry and ambient Aussie songstress and “new best friend” Sia. Now, she’ll be heading into the studio to record with the beat-happy riot ladies of Le Tigre.

Le Tigre haven’t even recorded an album since 2004’s This Island, yet now they’re all about working with an ex-Mouseketeer. Then again, we kind of saw this coming: Back in ’04, lead singer Kathleen Hanna told EW: “‘Ilove Christina Aguilera. She has, like, mini-feministmessages.” Meant to be!

Needless to say, all of this is very interesting. What’s next for Aguilera — announcing she’s working with Hot Chip?! (Not a bad idea, actually. Somebody get on that.) Xtina offered a brief glimpse of what her next album could sound like with last year’s greatest hits collection, Keeps Gettin’ Better, which included thumpers like “Dynamite” and the title track. Namely: more pulsating, ready-for-the-floor synth beats, less belting and jazz-era crooning.

With Le Tigre and co. on board to help pen and produce the tunes, her new album looks like it will move even further toward the avant-garde electro-pop genre. Or, as Gaga puts it, “great art.”

What do you think of the new direction Aguilera has taken? Are you digging the electro-y vibe, or do you wish she’d work those God-given vocal chords more? And which pop star holds your allegiance: Xtina, or the doppelganger she doesn’t know and thinks might be a man, Lady Gaga?

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