By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated June 09, 2009 at 05:00 PM EDT

Attorneys for forthcoming Sacha Baron Cohen film Bruno are threatening Richelle Olson — who filed a lawsuit claiming Cohen and his crew beat her up at a charity Bingo game — for making a “demonstrably ludicrous and false complaint,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. In a letter sent Friday from the movie’s counsel Russell Smith to Richelle and Lance Olson’s lawyers, Smith says he will use “every legal remedy” if they do not file for a voluntary dismissal of their complaint: “If you and your clients persist with this frivolous lawsuit andrelated defamation, we will seek fines, damages, and attorneys’ feesagainst you and your clients.” The letter also contains new details about what the filmmakers claim happened: “Mr. Baron Cohen never touched Ms. Olson, much less assaulted her. Tothe contrary, Ms. Olson assaulted Mr. Baron Cohen, grabbing his armsfrom behind and attempting to pull him out of a chair.” It goes on to say that the filmed footage proves no one attacked Richelle Olson and that while Olson’s complaint alleges Cohen used “vulgar and offensive language over the loudspeakers of the Bingo hall,” Cohen “offered only light-hearted comments that were met with general laughter from the audience, and even applause.” The letter also argues that Olson signed a release promising not to sue.