It’s the moment from last night’s Tony Awards that everyone is still talking about this morning: After opening the ceremony with a performance by his band Poison and the cast of Rock of Ages, Bret Michaels sauntered directly into the path of an enormous piece of scenery descending from the ceiling. Ouch. Live theater is no joke!

A Tonys spokesperson, who told the Associated Press that the star of VH1’s Rock of Love “missed his mark” on stage (well, duh), did not know the extent of any injuries that Michaels suffered from the accident. I’m guessing that means it couldn’t have been anything too serious; a rep for VH1 hasn’t yet responded to an EW request for more info. Let’s hope Michaels isn’t hurting too badly. In the meantime, if you missed it the first time or you just want to see Bret Michaels getting knocked to the ground again, check out the clip below.

UPDATE: Bret Michaels has broken nose, cut lip: rep