By Simon Vozick-Levinson
Updated June 05, 2009 at 05:12 PM EDT

Have you ever been watching The Soup and found yourself thinking, “Man, it’s cool when Joel cuts away every once in a while to a random YouTube clip, but I wish he would just do that continuously for half an hour”? Consider your wish granted. Tosh.0‘s premiere last night on Comedy Central was basically one long rapid-fire stretch of viral videos, crazy tweets, and wacky JPEGs, introduced and riffed on without pause by stoner-y comedian Daniel Tosh. The Internet! Only on a television show!

Full disclosure: I was only half-paying attention to Tosh.0 last night, as befits such an attention-deficit-addled program, so it’s possible I missed an in-depth investigative segment while I was looking away. But that would have defeated the entire point of Tosh.0, right? Scatter-shot bursts of absurdist humor are this show’s reason for being. Luckily, Tosh himself is funny enough to make the format work. And I definitely can’t complain about a series that has given us Keyboard Kato (below). Yes, that’s the legendary “Keyboard Cat” clip…as re-enacted in costume by ’90s pseudo-celeb Kato Kaelin. There are no words to describe what a wonderful gift to humanity this is.

Was anyone else watching Tosh.0 last night? Do you plan on tuning in again next week?