See how the scandals of Bravo's ''Real Housewives'' measure up

By Kate Ward
June 05, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT


LuAnn’s Separation
If only the Count had read his wife’s etiquette book. He informed the Countess over e-mail that he was leaving her for an Ethiopian princess.

NeNe’s Eviction
We bet the Housewife’s eyes were poppin’ when she read reports suggesting she was evicted from her Atlanta mansion. (She claims her family simply moved.)

Gretchen’s Topless Photos
The Orange County newbie got a taste of infamy when pictures of her bearing her — ahem — apples leaked online.

Alex’s Nude Photos
Naked photos of New York’s Alex hit the Web shortly after season 1 premiered. Yet they didn’t create nearly as much controversy as Simon’s red leather pants.

Kelly’s Assault Charge
Watch your back, Bethenny! New York’s newest Housewife was arrested for allegedly punching an ex (she pleaded not guilty in March).

Danielle’s Mug Shot
A crime memoir claims Danielle was arrested for extortion while partying with a drug dealer — and there’s a mug shot to boot! Leave it to a Housewife from New Jersey to hit the scandal jackpot.