By Jeremy Medina
Updated June 05, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

New Moon

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This week in a nutshell: Sacha Baron Cohen shoved his (new) moon in Eminem’s face, and the fallout kept people talking all week. When you think about it, that statement really does look like it belongs in The Onion. But this is the pop-culture world we live in. And it’s awesome. Elsewhere, the trailer for The Twilight Saga: New Moon dropped, and legions of you were quite vocal in ranking your favorite Pixar movies. Here’s the Top 10 most-commented-on items from this week in PopWatch:

10. Every time Sacha Baron Cohen does something — anything, really — we really do have to stop and ask: Has he gone too far? When it involves injuries at a bingo tournament, maybe so.

9. The devastating cliffhanger at the end of Medium’s season finale on NBC had Michael Slezak cheering CBS for wisely picking up the underrated show.

8. Josh Wolk’s Pop Culture Club is as big a success for PopWatch as Pam, Oscar and Toby’s Finer Things Club was on The Office. This week he goes back in time to examine the original Land of the Lost.

7. Marc Bernardin argued semantics over Buffy the Vampire Slayer being placed at No. 2 on the list of 25 Women Who Shook Sci-Fi. Vampires are fantasy, he says. Point taken. But there’s no arguing with No. 1: Sigourney Weaver’s iconic badass, Ripley, in the Alien franchise.

6. With TV season over, Whitney Pastorek is looking forward to catching up on her reading list this summer.

5. Mandi Bierly saw the trailer for New Moon, and got all hot and bothered by a certain Wolf Pack member’s ab-a-liciousness. So much so that she wrote about it twice.

4. Up is out in theaters and it’s pretty darn great. Go seeit already! Then you can join your fellow PopWatchers and share your thoughts on where it ranks on the list of best Pixar flicksof all-time. The general consensus so far: Pretty high.

3. Sacha Baron Cohen punk’d Eminem at the MTV Movie Awards. Perhaps youheard about it. The was-he-in-on-it-or-not fallout captivated justabout everyone. Especially our live-bloggers.

2. Jillian may or may not be attracted to jerks, but The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison assures us she is a great judge of character. If you say so, sir!

1. The final two American Idol finalists to visit Idolatry — third-place finisher Danny Gokey and champ Kris Allen — droppedby and chatted up Michael Slezak. Now, let the slow clap begin for Slezak, executive producer Jason Averett and the rest of the Idolatry crew for a fine, fine season in AI commentary.

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New Moon

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