By Jeremy Medina
Updated June 05, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

If MGMT hooked up with George Michael (the singer, not Michael Cera), the result would probably be something like Australian indie pop duo Empire of the Sun. In other words, these lads from down under are freaking odd, but in a good way. If Leighton Meester is a fan, how weird could they be?

Well, very. But still, the strangeness is mostly contained to their glittery glam-rock look (androgynous lead singer Luke Steele’s look is part-Mr. Incredible, part drag queen). Their music, in actuality, is fairly innocuous — airy 80’s-inspired pop buoyed by falsetto-aided vocals and sing-a-long power choruses.

The band is apparently kind of a big deal in its homeland. They might be too kooky to catch on in the States, but their debut disc, Walking On a Dream, is truly filled with some crazy-catchy, mid-tempo jams, including “We Are the People,” the title track and their latest single, “Standing on the Shore.” Watch the latter’s brand-new video below: Come for the extravagant headgear and faux-couture costumes that rival even Lady GaGa, stay for the pack of uh, half-human swordfish babes.

What do you think, Music Mixers? Are you digging the retro-y vibe ofEmpire of the Sun? And do spangly artists like them, MGMT, Of Montreal andperhaps even Adam Lambert (he isn’t called Glambert for nothing) earn extra respect points for their out-there fashion choices? Watch below and weigh in.

Empire of the Sun’s “Standing on the Shore”: