It takes a special kind of rabid fan devotion to stand out in the cold, steady rain (in June, no less) in the wee hours of the morning just to hear a few tunes and hope to catch a glimpse of your musical idols. Granted, lining up outside of The Today Show boasting signs about where you reside, waving wildly and being oddly starstruck by Al Roker is nothing new. But it becomes slightly fresh when you have a band who has never been part of that scene. Dave Matthews Band, who have been out pimping their new album Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King nonstop (check out Dave’s funny and self-deprecating skit during Wednesday’s visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon), made their first-ever appearance on The Today Show this morning, which just so happened to mark their first-ever appearance on any morning show.

So did water-logged fans get what they were waiting for? The band, looking rather spiffy for the occasion (Dave in a suit jacket!), played a six-song set in roughly an hour or so, which included old favorites like “So Much To Say” (see clip below), “Crash Into Me”, and “Ants Marching,” as well as songs off the new album, including “Funny The Way It Is”, “Why I Am,” and “Alligator Pie.” Blame it on the rain (or maybe those very early morning hours), but it took Dave a bit to get into his groove. Though once he did, Rockefeller Center suddenly felt like a jamming amphitheater. Drummer Carter Beauford interacted most with fans and handed out drumsticks between songs, while Dave jokingly ordered a ham and cheese sandwich through the window of the adjoining Dean & Deluca. So, even for fans without a primo spot, the band’s music and carefree interactions with the crowd during commercial breaks made it well worth the wait and the weather.

What about you, PopWatchers? Is there a band you would go see in any kind of weather? Which band/musician have you endured crummy conditions for? Or is your fandom weather permittant?

Dave Matthews Band
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