By Ken Tucker
Updated June 04, 2009 at 05:41 AM EDT

The “surprises” continued on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! As NBC was careful to reveal before Wednesday night’s episode, Heidi and Spencer Pratt have decided they want back in after screaming to get out, and a previously-announced substitute for them, Daniel Baldwin, joined the Costa Rican cuckoo’s nest. Even though there’s no need for him, since H&S have returned. (The closing live-broadcast minutes ended in the middle of the celebs taking a vote as to whether the Pratts can rejoin, but there’s no way the producers aren’t going to force those two onto the show. I mean, Heidi even claimed “the Devil” made them leave; no self-respecting TV exec is going to let that kind of looniness get away.)

In a show that so far has simply been dumb and fitfully funny, Stephen Baldwin’s reaction to his brother Daniel’s arrival was distinctly odd. Stephen said it was “a gnarly Jedi mind-trick” to allow Daniel in, and Stephen started mumbling incoherently about how to behave when “a lion” enters and something about Bruce Lee. (I worry that Stephen may soon place a long-distance coconut-phone-call to his brother Alec to ask the 30 Rock star to send him his teddy bear and blanky.)

Before all this, Janice Dickinson, until now this insane show’s voice of reason, finally reverted to the diva ditziness we know from the 438 other reality shows she’s appeared on. First she went into hysterics after John Salley called her bad names in response to her constant demands. Then when the new cast member arrived, she uttered this bit of semi-English: “I know all the Baldwins; I never met the Daniel.” OK, go have a little lie-down now, Janice.

Alright, I’ve watched for three days, there’s no way I’m not going to tough it out and see who gets evicted tomorrow, the final night of Celebrity‘s first-week run. After that, I’ll see if my head can bear any more inanity.

How about you? Still watching? Enjoying I’m a Celebrity more than I am? Less? Let me know; thanks.