By Ken Tucker
Updated June 02, 2009 at 04:54 PM EDT

Boy, things sure were hoppin’ in late-night last night. During Craig Ferguson’s pre-monologue moment, he acknowledged Conan’s move to The Tonight Show, and reminisced about the days when he and the red-haired giant used to “strip naked and wrestle” for ratings. Then he noted the new competition: “me and the Fallon boy,” as he put it:

Ferguson, compulsively honest, implicitly acknowledged the ratings challenge Fallon has posed since his premiere. But, Ferguson also being compulsively pugnacious (well, not really, but I like the way those two words sound together), said, “I hereby challenge Jimmy Fallon to naked on-air wrestling.” All this, plus an excellent interview with cuddly, smart, scary-film-maker-turned-novelist Guillermo del Toro, promoting his horror novel The Strain. They bonded over a mutual love of H.P. Lovecraft. (I ask you: Does any other late-night host even know who Lovecraft was?) Del Toro said his book answers the question, “What happens to a vampire’s genitals?” Which, of course, brings us back to the Ferguson-Fallon naked wrestling challenge. It probably won’t happen, but it’s… icky to think about, fun to laugh at. Did you watch Craig Ferguson? What do you think?