By Annie Barrett
Updated June 02, 2009 at 11:18 PM EDT

“How very”…encouraging. After months of speculation, Winona Ryder said in an interview appearing in the July issue of Empire that a sequel to the 1988 cult film is in the works. “I swear to God,” she said. “But for some reason Dan [Waters, writer] and Michael [Lehmann, director] don’t want to talk about it.” Maybe you shouldn’t be talking about it then, lady! Oh, but she went on. “There is a story, and Christian [Slater] has agreed to come back as a kind of Obi-Wan character.”

This just got good. When I first heard rumors of a “new Heathers,” I imagined a pointless remake along the lines of Footloose or the recently announced Girls Just Want To Have Fun. But a sequel? I love Heathers more than I love BBQ Corn Nuts, but how exactly might a Heathers sequel work? If J.D. has become an Obi-Wan type, will Shannen Doherty play a droid who manages a vintage shop specializing in late-’80s fashion hats? Will the teen queens abandon croquet for Wii Croquet?

Who else would be psyched for a freaky-sounding Heathers sequel? Or Wii Croquet? I’m digging Wii Croquet. You could choose which Heather (or Veronica) you wanted to be. And which color. Except red. Heather Chandler is always red.