By Michael Slezak
Updated August 04, 2020 at 11:16 AM EDT

Before I weigh in on the new clip from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, you should know that last night, when it premiered during the MTV Movie Awards, I was busy catching up on a DVR backlog of Harper’s Island episodes. But while I may have the same taste in television programs as your aged auntie, I did, in fact, see 2007’s Transformers in the theater, and in a post on this very blog, described it as “noisy, mindless, frantic, and ultimately quite enjoyable. Well, enjoyable with the exception of John Turturro’s awesomely awful performance as Agent Simmons.”

Given my “enjoyment” of the film, I’d imagine I’m one of the folks who Paramount is expecting will line up for the sequel, but I have to say, this clip (as well as the movie’s cacophonous trailer) is giving off an “epic flop” vibe. I mean, is Transformers the kind of franchise that really calls for ancient prophecies and pyramids? Is my memory starting to go, or didn’t I see almost the same exact scene in a preview for the new G.I. Joe? On the plus side, if this was an episode of America’s Next Top Model, Megan Fox would get “picture of the week” from Tyra for not losing the sexy while giving her best “frightened” face, but it’s still not worth the $12 price of admission. Neither is the mechanical “spy fly” thingie, though it is pretty nifty. What do you think? Does the new Transformers clip make you more or less inclined to see the movie this summer? And will it be a big hit like its predecessor, or a box-office disappointment?