''Buffy'' movie stirs controversy -- Fans of the original series are distraught over the producers' choice to make the movie without the original writers or cast

By Nicole Sperling
Updated May 29, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

No Scooby gang? Or (sob!) Joss Whedon? News that movie execs intend to remake the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie without cooperation from its writer or the beloved cast of the more successful TV series was met with an expected flurry of online protests. But producer Roy Lee is begging angry fans to put down their stakes. ”I would love to have Joss involved,” he says, noting that franchise guru Whedon does not control the rights to Buffy. ”He’s got a huge fan base and it would make sense if he wanted to.” But it looks like Whedon’s got other plans. ”I hope it’s cool” was all he would say, when reached via e-mail on the set of The Cabin in the Woods. Even if Whedon won’t be sucked back in, the idea of a reboot is a no-brainer given the success of HBO’s True Blood and a little book called Twilight. Besides, notes Lee, who turned Hong Kong’s Infernal Affairs into the Academy Award-winning The Departed, ”I don’t think we’ve ever attempted a remake where we haven’t had negative comments.” — With additional reporting by Michael Ausiello