By Dan Snierson
Updated May 28, 2009 at 05:09 AM EDT

We’re about to find out if size matters. HBO just announced a premiere date—June 28—for its new comedy Hung, which centers on a disillusioned gym teacher (Thomas Jane) who decides to use his below-the-waist treasure to make a living as a male prostitute (to fumbling results). After checking out the amusing teaser for the show, I now know what I will be doing on that Sunday night. Here are five reasons why I’m willing to hang around for Hung. 1. It’s an audacious, bodacious concept, if not the most provocative premise for any show debuting this summer. 2. It kinda-sorta reminds me of Loverboy—starring Patrick Dempsey as a pizza delivery boy turned underdog male prostitute—and that flick turned out to be a most underrated teen comedy 3. We have already learned that there is great potential when a sadsack high school teacher/father suddenly starts a dirty moonlighting gig (see: Breaking Bad) 4. I’m curious to see how the producers build intrigue and comedy around his you-know-what without making it all about an eventual Dirk Diggler-esque reveal. 5. The pilot episode is 15 minutes, er, longer than the normal half-hour installments. That’s rich.

What say you, PopWatchers? Will Hung make your summer TV schedule? And will this turn out to be HBO’s next Entourage or the next… The Mind of the Married Man?

addCredit(“Thomas Jane: Chuck Hodes/HBO”)