• Former Battlestar Galactica toasters Tricia Helfer and Michael Hogan are staying in Sci Fi’s orbit, signing on to guest star on the net’s new paranormal dramedy Warehouse 13 (premiering July 7). Helfer will play a Chicago-based FBI agent, while Hogan has been cast as the father of Warehouse heroine Myka (Joanne Kelly). In a fun little twist, Hogan’s real-life wife, Susan, will play the role of Myka’s mom. And if that’s not enough BSG for you, Mark Sheppard (who portrayed the Fleet’s morally flexible lawyer, Romo Lampkin) will appear as enigmatic figure who represents the organization that controls the Warehouse.

Everwood‘s Sarah Drew — whose ABC pilot Inside the Box didn’t make the cut for fall — is taking the crazy train over to Fox’s Glee. Sources confirm that the actress has landed the role of Suzy Pepper, an unstable senior who develops an obsessively creepy crush on her teacher. Drew is booked for one episode, but I hear there’s recurring potential.

• Rumer Willis is having a baby! At least she’ll be pretending to have one on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Bruce and Demi’s actress-offspring will play a pregnant teen in an episode to air in mid-August. Secret Life‘s second season gets underway June 22.

• It sounds like the third season of Greek will be quite the religious experience. The show is casting the roles of a Mary-Elyse, a flirty Catholic girl who tries to recruit Cappie and Dale, and Pastor Dan, a laid-back minister who helps Dale get over his guilt issues. Season 3 kicks off Aug. 31.

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