By Annie Barrett
Updated May 27, 2009 at 10:30 PM EDT

Jon and Kate Plus 8

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Another day, another few rounds of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 media circus. Amidst ominous headlines like “Jon and Kate Gosselin face dark side of reality” and “We’re Navigating a Difficult Time” came Us magazine’s slightly more ridiculous cover story tidbit about how Kate apparently used to give Jon a $5 daily allowance. Yeah right! But we’ll play along….

  • What could Jon Gosselin buy with five dollars?
  • –Few more seconds of screen time
  • –A clue from a man on the street
  • Chauffeur’s cap (after three days)
  • Five Dolluh Foot-Long
  • –Laminated “Mommy” nametag for Kate so the kids can better distinguish between her and the babysitter
  • –Laminated card that says “My dignity” so he could play pretend. Maybe with his kids?
  • –Oh god. There are eight kids. These poor kids. Oh no. What are we doing???

Owwww. My (albeit rapidly deteriorating) conscience hurts right now. Every time I read or write something about this show, there’s an inevitable flick of the switch from bemused intrigue to all-out horror. I know, I know, these people have “asked for it” by going on TV…but still. It’s not about the family dynamics anymore. We’re basically watching the play-by-play of an impending divorce. The horror’s rushing in sooner as of late. Are you there yet, PopWatchers? Putting the season premiere’s record-shattering 9.8 million viewers aside…has Jon & Kate doom begun to settle in?

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