By Chris Nashawaty
May 27, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT
Darren Michaels

Here’s a star-studded rom-com that wants to be a 21st-century When Harry Met Sally… but winds up more like a Cosmopolitan questionnaire from 2002. Honestly, there’s nothing in this thing you haven’t seen a dozen times on some mediocre sitcom: Guys are lying jerks terrified of commitment (Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper), women are pathetic optimists deaf to jackhammer-subtle brush-offs (Ginnifer Goodwin, Drew Barrymore), and their yoga-obsessed gal pals cough up loony advice (Jennifer Connelly, Scarlett Johansson). Gee, got any news on the Hindenburg? Based on a book by a pair of Sex and the City writers, Not That Into You dutifully namechecks all of the tired tribal rites of modern dating: booty calls, cyberstalking, etc. The only thing missing is romance. Or comedy. EXTRAS A few deleted scenes — that’s it. C