By Margaret Lyons
Updated May 26, 2009 at 09:38 PM EDT

A Twitter TV show doesn’t sound like a terrible idea to me, but…this particular kind of Tweevee? A reality show in which “ordinary people [compete] while on the trail of celebrities”? Well, whatever the opposite of “music to my ears” is, that’s how I feel.

I’m a big Twitter person — you’re following us, yes? — but in general, I find the celebstalking possibilities of the service to be its least compelling use. Yes, it’s cool to read Shaq’s goofy missives, but if Shaq had a blog or a radio show, or if TV interviews with athletes were more interesting, those would be kooky and fun, too. The nerd in me is far more interested in how Tweeters have developed a common lingo — say, “RT” for retweeting — and kinds of social customs — #followfriday, anyone? — without much authority or guidance. Is that more telegenic than a group of people racing to Demi Moore’s tweeted location? In the right hands, maybe it could be.

Twitter honcho Biz Stone blogged yesterday that “there is no official Twitter TV show,” so I’m trying not to get too fired up about this sort of odd development. What do you think, PopWatchers? Would you watch a Twitter reality show?