By Kate Ward
Updated May 26, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

How was your Memorial Day, PopWatchers? Mine was fine, but I couldn’t help but feel like something glaring was missing from my life at about 8:30 p.m. last night…namely, a new episode of How I Met Your Mother. It has only been one week since my beloved CBS sitcom signed off for the season, and I’m already feeling the withdrawal, maybe because its “leap of faith” finale left plenty to be desired.

So, because it isn’t quite impossimpible to get through the summer without the show — if only Robin’s disaster-prone morning show actually did air at 4 a.m.! — I started thinking about how I can fill the gap left by Ted and the gang’s departure. So here, my friends, is how I will cope:

New episodes of Intervention. Yes, the interventions on the award-winning A&E program don’t quite deal with such trivial addictions as Seussian hats and pyrotechnic magic tricks, but the series is easily one of the best reality shows on television today. And — bonus points! — it also airs on Mondays.

Graphjam. Remember Marshall’s brief obsession with pie charts and graphs (which, conveniently enough, also ended in an intervention)? Although it will be hard to find a graph that tops his list of dirty-sounding Presidential names, I guarantee you’ll find at least one chart on Graphjam that will make you feel like you’ve just eaten the best burger in New York (translation: pretty darn good).

New episodes of Good Day L.A. We might not be able to watch Robin birth a baby or perform CPR on air, but there’s a real morning show that manages to stir up a similar amount of crazy: Good Day L.A. Between curmudgeon host Steve Edwards and flighty weather gal Jillian Reynolds, nothing seems to really go as planned on the set. Not that we’d have it any other way. Of course, if you’re not a morning person, there’s no sense in waking up early to watch — you can just catch the highlights on The Soup on Fridays.

Funny goat videos. If there’s anything negative to say about HIMYM, the show didn’t quite deliver on its teased goat plot. So, why not just go online and watch funny goat-centric YouTube videos to make up for it? I recommend this one.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle and Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay on DVD. Because the only thing better than quoting Barney Stinson is quoting Neil Patrick Harris. “Lapdance….”

Your turn, PopWatchers: What will you do to cope with the withdrawal? (Another way is to watch Marshall’s pie chart intervention below!)

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