By Chris Harrison
Updated May 26, 2009 at 09:03 AM EDT

If you’re new to this blog, and it appears we have some new readers, I usually start off by answering or responding to some of your comments. But this week I want to start by letting you know I’m writing this the night before our final rose ceremony. By the time you read this, the season will be officially wrapped. This is the first time in the history of the show we have still been in production while the show is on the air. Now, on to your comments.

Teacher, you are correct — I am not a master of the written or spoken word. I should be better with my grammar and set a better example for my kids. Just not sure that ain’t gonna happen… oops! No, it didn’t rain before episode one. This is where TV and common sense run in different directions: The director wants the driveway wet so it looks good on TV. Meanwhile, wardrobe puts Jillian in a full-length light colored gown. Not a good combination. What you guys didn’t see is when Jillian was walking in and out of the house, I was trailing behind her holding her dress off the wet cement so it wouldn’t get trashed. It didn’t help much. Somebody mentioned at rose ceremonies that names are written on the roses to help Jillian know who to call. Not true, but that’s a really cool idea. Not sure the art department would be up for that little plan. For those who asked, you can find me on twitter @chrisbharrison. Sorry, just not up to the Facebook challenge yet — baby steps. Glad to see there’s still some outraged haters out there. I’d hate to think that everybody was happy and content. Oh, and not sure what you meant by asking if I like to get wet like Jeff Probst — but all of a sudden I felt as creeped out as Jillian’s feet. Now, on to episode 2!

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It’s always fun to move the guys into the outhouse, or “bunkhouse” as these guys end up calling it. It’s not a huge surprise, but this season moving 20 guys into that space was pretty funny. It was so packed in there they were sleeping in single bunks right next to each other. One outdoor shower and one bathroom — stuff we would never do to the group of women, sorry fellas. I know you love the behind the scenes tidbits, so here’s a bunch from this episode you won’t read or hear about anywhere else. The group race for Jillian was fun. Pretty funny leaving Michael up on the balcony, as he was acting all cocky expecting the rose. Wes ended up winning the competition and dinner. More importantly, this is also where the guys begin to question his motives and intentions. One of the coolest dates this year (especially for Jillian, given that she’s such a country fan) was the concert with Martina McBride. The date started out with Jillian looking sexy driving off with Jake in this purple Stingray. What you didn’t see that wasn’t so sexy was Jillian having to sit on three pillows so we could see her on camera and she could see over the steering wheel. Turns out, Martina is a big fan of the show and really wanted to be a part of it. We had conference calls where Martina was pitching ideas on how to get involved in the date. She was awesome on stage and awesome to deal with. Thanks Martina!

On the group date, Mike ran into the ocean in a bikini. He actually bought those off of some random guy on the beach for $10. Jillian thought that was very funny, and he ended up getting the rose for it. (Running in a bikini, funny… Brian going full nude at the party, not so much. We’ll discuss that more later.) Many of you commented on Tanner P. and his foot fetish. The truth about his obsession came out in this episode. I talked to Jillian today, and she told me she found it unique and kind of funny, not creepy. They laughed and had fun with it, unlike Brian going full frontal at the party. Okay, let’s just deal with that now. Jillian put it best in the deliberation room — sorry you didn’t get to see that this week; we just had too much stuff to cram into the show. Jillian said she likes to have fun and wants to see the guys be themselves, but there’s a line of decency and it was crossed. There’s fun and cute, and then there’s a lack of respect — and unfortunately for Brian, his choice was the latter. Jillian felt very uncomfortable, and in the end that helped her decision in sending him home. On a personal note, that’s just not something I ever need to see again. Brian was right — the skinny dip did volumes separating him from the rest of the guys.

One little surprise for Jillian and the guys during the cocktail party was the vote. Tensions were already running a little high, and I don’t think the ballot box helped. At the time I kind of thought Brad would get the most votes, but he didn’t get any. Juan really started to rub some of the guys the wrong way but Jillian decided to save him. One thing I didn’t mention on the show is that I got one vote to be sent home — that was pretty funny. In closing, I’d like to say I hope you or your significant other isn’t hung like a “light switch,” and on a scale from zero to Bilbro, I hope you’re all feeling Bilbro! See ya next week, and I will continue to read all of your comments — the good, bad and the ugly.

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