By Clark Collis
Updated May 25, 2009 at 08:50 PM EDT

A representative for Billy Joel has told EW he did not back out of last week’s American Idol finale. In a blog postyesterday contestant Scott MacIntyre claimed that Joel had been invitedto perform with MacIntyre and Matt Giraud on last Wednesday’s show butthat he “was unable to make it in the end.” However, Joel’s repadamantly insists that he “was never invited on American Idol toperform with Scott. He did not pull out. He’s currently on tour.”

Meanwhile, Joel’s longtime drummer, Liberty DeVitto, whom Joelkicked out of the band in 2005, is suing the singer for what he claimsare unpaid royalties, according to the New York Post.DeVitto says he’s not sure how much he’s due, as he hasn’t received anaccounting of album sales for about 10 years. The drummer, who playedwith Joel for 30 years and says he had a lot of creative input on thesinger’s biggest albums, told the Post, “This is what I would tellBilly: ‘If you only had talked to me…this probably never would havehappened.'” Joel’s representative said that the artist had no commenton the matter at present.