Susan Boyle won the popular vote — the “public vote,” as they say in England — on tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent, singing “Memory” from Cats. Her voice quavered a little at the start but soon became clear and strong. Wearing a glittery brown dress, standing behind a backdrop of clouds with a spotlight behind her head making it look as though her face was emanating from heaven, Boyle pulled off her second major public appearance with ease.

During the first of five live semifinals on Talent, Boyle said she wanted to win “more than anything ever in my life.” Granted, the competition didn’t seem very fierce: she defeated, among others, Darth Jackson (a guy in a Darth Vader helmet who danced to “Thriller”) and Nick Hell, who attached a pickaxe to his ear-lobes and broke a dinner plate with it.

If Boyle had any competition in terms of crowd sentiment, it was adorable 10 year-old singer Natalie Okri, who burst into tears when Simon Cowell cast the final vote against her. (On this show, the public calls in votes. At the end of the episode, the “public vote” winner is revealed, and then the show’s three judges pick from the two other highest vote-getters; a dance troupe called Diversity beat Okri.)

Boyle said a win for her — the victor will be announced next weekend — would “prove that I am a worthwhile person.”