By Ken Tucker
Updated May 23, 2009 at 05:55 PM EDT

It was a good week for Dave. He had a lot to talk about after the monologue most nights, since his beloved Indianapolis 500 is being run this weekend and Letterman co-owns a car in the race (I liked his remark about A.J. Foyt drinking a “helmet full of gas” before a race). But he also had two of his favorite guests on. Ricky Gervais was on to promote one of those Night At The Museum paycheck roles he accepts to fund his more genius projects, and told an amusing story about writing to President Obama:

Then there was the always-dazzling, always-brainily-ditsy Amy Sedaris, who flounced onto the Late Show set in a homemade gingham dress and proceeded to jab the host about his recent marriage:

Between Gervais’ joke about Posh Spice and Sedaris’ about gay marriage in Montana, it was a fine week for Letterman-hosted humor.

Were there other talk shows you thought did a good job with their guests this week? (And please don’t say Jimmy Fallon interviewing Keith Olbermann; I know their shared passion for baseball cards is cute, but couldn’t Fallon have gone outside his comfort-zone to ask one political question?)

Anyway, your nominations most welcome. Thanks.