Credit: Fox: Jaimie Trueblood

In a chat with the LA Times, Dan Aykroyd floated the idea that the upcoming Ghostbusters 3, still in development, could feature several new female recruits. His dream picks? Alyssa Milano and Eliza Dushku. Interesting — if not exactly out-of-the-box — thinking, Dan. But we’ve got a few ideas of our own…

Zoe Saldana (The Geek Queen)
Hot off of Star Trek, Saldana would would add some crackle to the cast of old-timers. And as a classically trained dancer, she’d probably look pretty great kicking ectoplasmic butt, too.

Emma Watson (The Touch of Class)
She’s had more than enough experience fighting supernatural bad guys in the Harry Potter Movies. Plus, a British accent would be the perfect foil for Aykroyd and Bill Murray’s midwestern whines.

Megan Fox (The Sexpot)
Let’s be honest — pretty much any movie in town would kill to get the foxy Transformers star (pictured). But wouldn’t we all love to see how she’d look in that brown jumpsuit?

Charlyne Yi (The Wild Card)
Michael Cera’s girlfriend — and co-star in the upcoming Paper Heart — doesn’t have a long resumé right now, but she does have just the right nerd-girl charm for the Ghostbuster crew. Hey, maybe Cera could even stop by for a cameo…

Those are our picks, PopWatchers. Yours?

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