By EW Staff
May 20, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Okay guys…

Well, I am sorry this is so late, but better late than never…right?

This one will be short and sweet and not all that clever — just the facts ma’am. (Name that show….)

As far as the outcome of the show, I was not surprised. Having sat in on the final tribal council it seemed pretty clear at the time that JT would win. I didn’t expect it would be a total sweep but I think Stephen did himself in when he admitted he wouldn’t have taken JT to the end. Stephen would have been foolish to take JT if given the choice. JT knew that and it poured the “pretend shock and hurt” on thick trying to garner jury votes. It worked.

Final Tribal Councils are quite tricky because the jury is almost always very upset that they are not in the final and so they are looking to get the last word in edgewise. Stephen was a sitting duck next to JT.

No, I don’t feel sorry for Stephen. He played a very good game, but JT deserved to win. In fact, I’d go further and say that JT is one of the best overall players ever to play Survivor. He has it all and he has to come back if there is ever another All-Star season.

How fun was it to see a winner embrace his family with suchaffection. JT certainly seems to come from a good family. I’m happy forhim. I’ll bet his work life back home undergoes a significant change.The world he’s in is very competitive and now that he’s “JT fromSurvivor” something tells me he is going to have a few more doorsopened. I hope so, seems like a genuine guy.

The Live ReunionShow was much better than I anticipated. I actually prepared myself fora rather ho-hum live show. Fortunately from the moment we began, withtears from JT until the very end with me accepting a dare from Regisand Kelly to wear a mystery necklace (which is now up for auction) theentire show was very fun.

Coach, was of course one of thehighlights with his surprise lie detector test results. In case you arewondering — yes I was COMPLETELY caught off guard. I am going to haveto do a better job in the future of making sure Survivors understandthat if you have something you want to do on our “LIVE” Reunion show,you have to run it past me first. That could have been a disaster. Liveshows are tightly timed and the censors are quick to pull the plug ifthey sense something going south. Fortunately Coach did a great job andhe went out the same way he came in — with major fanfare.

Do Ibelieve the test? Sure. I have no reason not to believe it. I thinkit’s fascinating that we immediately assume he is lying. That’s why Isuggested the lie detector test in the first place. I wasn’t there forthe test and no, I am not going to call the guy who administered thetest to check up on it because ultimately it’s irrelevant to me.Whether or not Coach is telling the truth was never all that importantto me, I just found him to be a fascinating guy.

After meetinghis “lady friend” I find him even more interesting. How the heck didCoach score an accomplished, beautiful and well-spoken woman? Who wouldhave guessed that?! Good for you, Coach!

And let’s be fair — his “lady friend’ had the line of the night when she said, “I slay the dragon slayer!”

I thought Sierra did herself proud and I was blown away that she was in the top 3 for the Sprint Player of the Season award.

EddieGeorge was a nice highlight as well. Judging by the way he started fireso easily, he would be great to have on the show, I wonder if he’d beup for it?

There is always a dilemma for me when it comes tothe “back row.” The “back row” refers to those folks who for whateverreason were voted off early in the show. This season it was Catalina,Candace, Sandy, Joe, Jerry, Spencer, Sydney. They typically don’t havemuch to contribute simply because they weren’t there long enough. Ialways have the desire and the intention to give them a “moment” but Ialways wonder if I am sacrificing something more entertaining in theprocess. Always a tough call for me. It may not always be the case, butto date I have always talked to every single Survivor at the live show.Not sure that’s worth anything but just sharing.

Okay — three last notes:

1.If you want to own a piece of Survivor and benefit my charity, TheSerpentine Project, at the same time — you can go to eBay where thereis a Survivor auction that goes on for a few more days. Torches, urns,tribe flags, even the Regis and Kelly necklace is up for bid.

2.If you’re in the market for a Jeff Probst Bobble Head — yes, that’swhat I said, a Bobble Head, you’re in luck. CBS has made one andthey’re for sale. Bear in mind, I don’t make anything off of this, notone single penny. I just want to let you know it’s out there. I’m surethere’s a few of you that would like to get one simply so you can smashthe head every time I say something you don’t like.

3. Finally,Survivor: Samoa should be fun — I like the group of people we have.But you guys are the ultimate judge, you decide if the season was goodor not. I look forward to hearing from you again next season.

Have a good summer!

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