By Carrie Ann Inaba
May 20, 2009 at 07:00 PM EDT
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Hi everyone,

Great season! It was a close race all the way to the finish line.  Great finale dancers = an exciting finish! There was great artistry, beautiful passion, intense competition, graceful  athleticism….moments of glory and special moments that will stay with us forever. I love Len and Bruno and have had a wonderful time working with them. Special thanks to our incredible staff and production team, who put our show together. Congratulations to the winners of season 8…

(SPOILER ALERT after the jump!)

….Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas!!!!! And, of course, to Gilles and Cheryl (who were nothing but grace at the end), and Melissa and Tony. And to everyone who joined us this season on our ballroom dance floor. It was a very special season. The people who make our show happen are not just the people in front of the camera but the many folks who work day in and day out to give you the entertainment you see on your TV. Our crew is incredible, both on the stage where we tape and behind the scenes, making the packages — and, of course, even the office. Anna Maria and Jojo (and sometimes Gail): thanks for doing the beauty thing each week. To the incredible wardrobe department: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! It’s been a good ride. Now it’s up to our casting team to put together another show for season 9…

To all of you who had good questions and had positive, sound, respectful commentary, I want you to know that I appreciated the open dialogue. I wish you all the best and hope that next season will be as interesting as this one was. I do hope that there will be less injuries though.

I have a very busy schedule today so I can’t write as much as I would have liked to. But thank you for joining us this season — and take care.

If you need a ballroom fix this summer, remember that Burn the Floor is doing a limited run on Broadway this summer at the Longacre Theatre. It’s going to be fantastic!!! And if you want to keep a  discussion about dance going this summer, visit: THEDANCEINSIDER.COM.

Have a happy summer, and thanks for watching!!!!!

Best Regards,
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