By Whitney Pastorek
Updated May 19, 2009 at 10:50 PM EDT

Welcome to Extended Play, a weekly feature here on the Music Mix wherein our intrepid staffers review albums and album-related products that didn’t fit into the magazine. Cause, you know, why not?

Almost Charlie
The Plural of Yes
Rock (Words on Music)

While lyricist Charlie Mason and singer-guitarist Dirk Homuth may not know each other personally — the duo has never met — you wouldn’t know it from their music, which blends their separate work seamlessly. (A peppier Postal Service!) Yes is slick, like the ’60s-era pop record it wants to be, but never detached; there’s real emotion in these tracks. Much of this is achieved by Homuth, whose impressive instrumental skill -– from harmonica to sitar to glockenspiel –- lends each song its own unique stamp. Even as his John Lennon impression wears a little thin, the sincerity remains. A-Henning Fog
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