By Aly Semigran
May 19, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

A few weeks ago, I wrote a small piece for our Summer Movie Preview issue about Ashley Tisdale’s upcoming sci-fi family comedy They Came From Upstairs. Well, when it was still called that, anyway. This afternoon, I stumbled upon a trailer for Aliens in the Attic, and wouldn’t you know it’s the same movie?! I’ll admit that when I first heard the title They Came From Upstairs, I instantly thought it would be a horror movie, not a kiddie caper. Which is, I’m guessing, the motive behind changing the name to the much more straight-forward Aliens in the Attic…a title that still sounds pretty terrifying, if you ask me. (Attics? Scary. Aliens? Really scary. I’d rather deal with Snakes on a Plane, honestly.)

Either way, with only two-and-a-half months left until its release, the film’s name change seems rather sudden, and well, unnecessary. What do you think is in a name, PopWatchers? Does the new title make you want to see the movie more or less? Check out the trailer below and tell us how you feel.